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How do we start?

Needs Assessment

Identifying Needs, Initial Planning, POC/Pilot Project Definition.

Needs Assessment Meetings

We organise meetings with our clients to understand their business objectives, needs and technical requirements

Initial Planning

We put together the foundations and architecture of the project, taking into account the client’s needs.

Technology Stack Selection

We select the most appropriate technologies and development tools to achieve the project goals.

Defining the POC/Pilot Project

We define an initial pilot/POC (Proof Of Concept) project with targets to be achieved.
The pilot/POC project will initially focus on implementing the most critical features to quickly validate the potential success of the idea or technology. This gives the project participants the opportunity to get to know each other and the dynamics of collaboration.

Pilot Project Implementation

The project timeframe is usually 2-4 weeks, in which the most important features are developed as quickly and as fully as possible.

Setting Up the Development Environment

We set up the necessary development and testing environments.

Implementation of Core Features

At this stage, we start developing the most critical features to create a working prototype.

Continuous Integration and Testing

We use CI/CD methodologies for continuous integration and testing to ensure code quality and stability.

Collecting User Feedback

By testing the finished product with the client, we get quick feedback to refine future project goals.

Planning Next Steps

Further planning based on the POC period.

Evaluation and Feedback Analysis

Process the user feedback collected during the POC and evaluate the project outcomes.

Updating the Development Plan

Update the development plan based on the experiences from the POC, including new features and priorities.

Defining Schedule and Milestones

Determine the schedule and key milestones for the next phases of the project, ensuring deadlines are met.

Quotation, contracting

When undertaking an IT project based on a preliminary assessment, there are several crucial decisions to be made prior to signing a contract. Here’s an overview of these considerations:

  • project type/delivery model (T&M or fixed-price)
  • quotation and budget
  • deadlines and milestones
  • contractual terms
  • and much more…


Needs Assessment and Analysis

We offer a free personalised needs assessment with software development specialists so you can make informed decisions without obligation.

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